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Minority Report - One4Review

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3 stars

Ava Vidal is performing two shows this Fringe, and I was the reviewer to see Minority Report.

The concept is that Ms Vidal, a very funny comedian, with the aid of pre filmed footage, looks at prejudice as experienced by some individuals simply because of their colour, sexual orientation or disability.

This footage includes, I hate to say victims, but I guess that’s what they where giving sound bites of what they have experienced and I must say it sounded awful.

Ava mixes in some stand up material and experiences with the other footage and slides showing a few more awful examples.

In the recent Carole Thatcher, Ava was drawn into the aftermath and suffered herself in this unnecessary debacle.

As a feature of the show a figure who is in Edinburgh and is deemed to be worthy gets about ten minutes to entertain, and the guest I saw was legendry stand-up Richard Herring. His face, wearing a Hitler style moustache, is plastered on many a billboard around the capital advertising his Fringe show currently running at the Underbelly.

Once his time was done Ava returned with more clips, more comedy and my awareness of how ‘people’ view minorities was raised further with a few sequences featuring comedian Lawrence Clark.

I found this both a funny and educational show, one that deserves to both get bigger audiences and the message across too, so what are you doing this afternoon?


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