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Neil Delamere: Bookmarks - One4Review

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5 stars

It was nearly two years ago that I first became aware of Neil Delamere when I saw him on a best of Irish at The Stand Comedy Club and although it was too late to review him that year I made appoint to do so ever since and have certainly not been disappointed with his show in any shape.

Delamere obviously has a good show under his belt, but to me he is at his very best when riffing with the audience and boy did the comedy gods smile on him the night I saw him, a very young baby called Jasper, a theatre student called Rupert, a banker, an events management lecturer, a reviewer, not me fortunately, and the Man from Del Monte and that was only a section of the front row. Talk about comedy gold, and Neil obviously made the absolute most of this .

His show Bookmarks bullets points significant landmarks in his life, and of course this comedy maestro has a fund of hilarious stuff to deliver on each event.

He is playing the intimate Wildman room at Assembly, which is a great space and seems ideal for him to play, however, economic forces may force him into a bigger venue, given the demand for his tickets and I hope that his obvious audience rapport would not be lost if and when this happens.

I certainly hope not, the man is too good, so take my advice grab for a ticket with both hands and don’t give it up for love or money.


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