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Newsrevue 30th Anniversary - One4Review

4 stars

It was 30 years ago that NewsRevue first graced the Edinburgh Fringe and although it was a few years after that that I started regularly attending shows in August, since I discovered them in 1995 I don’t think I have missed a visit.

The show concept doesn’t change, four performers (Jo Bowis Adam Buchanan, James Kermack and Becky Moult are this years incumbents) accompanied by a piano run through the whole hour mercilessly lampooning those who need to be lampooned with biting satire, cutting comments, satirical reworking of songs and almost too much talent for such a small group.

The packed sauna-like space were in hoots for the whole duration of this masterclass; from the opening number’s re-working of Queen’s ‘Flash’ to the reprise and such luminaries as Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Kate Winslett, Joanna Lumley, Max Clifford, Barak Obama, Madonna, Andy Murray, Christiano Ronaldo and RyanAir were just some of the many who got the treatment.

While their acting is very good, for me they are always at their very best with the song parodies. I could listen to them all day given the chance.

As always with this troupe the tickets soon become like gold dust so my advice is to get yours now or there won’t be any left.



  1. Hi Geoff

    Just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for reviewing Lady C – really astute points.

    I was v interested to see it was also you that reviewed Newsrevue as I was one of the people that helped to set that up.

    More power to your elbow!


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