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Rudi Lickwood - Food for Thought - One4Review

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5 stars

The first thing that struck me when Rudi Lickwood hit the stage, was his facial resemblance to Eddie Murphy. Like the American superstar Lickwood has a good sense of humour, only Lickwood is far, far funnier.

From the off he took control of the gig, and the pace never slipped throughout his hour.

He can riff with the audience, he is observational and nothing and nobody is safe from his rapier wit. Rudi majors on being black and he talks about what he knows as other style of comedians take of what they know. It makes sense.

But what Lockwood really does know is how to rock the room for an hour. He takes on, kids, marriage, travel, technology, drugs and street crime in this routine, not necessarily being PC most of the time but being down right hilarious throughout.

Before seeing him I was unaware of the talented man, but by God I know who he is now, and hopefully if he returns to the Fringe next year his will be one of the first names on my to see list.

So before it becomes impossible to get tickets take your chance to see this undoubted destined for the top comic and I know you will not regret it.


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