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Rob Rouse: My Family...and The Dog That Scared Jesus - One4Review

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3 stars

Rob Rouse’s show is about the two recent additions to his family; his dog Ronnie and his son Lenny (although to be honest, it’s mostly about the dog). There are plenty of laughs to be had as Rob describes how he chose Ronnie from Battersea Dogs Home because he looked a bit mental and we are treated to Ronnie’s inner monologue (although Rob hails from Sheffield, he lives in London and has decided Ronnie is an East Ender at heart).

Although Rob does discuss the arrival of his son and the home birth that his girlfriend had decided upon, the majority of the show focuses on Ronnie the dog and his rather embarrassing sexual fixation on a red cushion. Without going into too much detail there is some excellent physical comedy from Rob (although it’s probably not for those who are easily offended by ‘explicit sexual references’ as the edfringe website puts it). Rob also tells us of the incident involving Ronnie, 40 crucifixes, his mother-in-law and just how Ronnie did manage to scare Jesus.

The show concluded with a home movie of Rob, his family and of course Ronnie in action – which after all Rob’s efforts actually seemed to pull the biggest laugh of the night. The subject matter of this show isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, and on the night I saw the show Rob did seem to be battling against a tough crowd at times, but if canine auto-fellatio tickles your funny bone then this is definitely the show for you.


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