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Pappy's Fun Club's World Record Attempt : 200 Sketches in an Hour - One4Review

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5 stars

My expectations were high as Pappy’s Fun Club (Ben, Brendan, Matthew and Tom) bounded onto the Pleasance One stage, and for the next hour I wasn’t disappointed. The premise of this sketch show is that the boys from Pappy’s Fun Club aren’t doing too well financially and in order to keep the backing of their benefactor; Pappy, they must break the world record attempt for the number of sketches in a hour.

Kicking off with Matthew on guitar for ‘The Opening Song’ which they haven’t got time to sing if they are going to fit in all the sketches, the laugh rate started off high and stayed that way throughout the full hour show. With numerous lo-fi props and costumes the sketches come thick and fast, with occasional appearances of a totaliser to let us know how the record attempt is going. There are a few running themes through the show, including time travel, the world’s tallest man and shortest woman, a lovably stupid dinosaur called Dean, and the founder of the Quakers (according to Pappy’s the same man founded both the religion and the porridge oats company!), which brings the show to a very satisfying conclusion with some excellent audience participation.

The energy and enthusiasm from these four talented performers was possibly the highest I’ve seen this Fringe and Pappy’s Fun Club I can only add my praise to the growing number of excellent reviews the boys have already received.



  1. I don’t generally reply to posts but I’ll in this case. Amazing 🙂

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