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Over The Threshold - One4Review

* * * * *
5 stars

Over the Threshold was written by writer / composer Christopher Hamilton in 2004 this 2009 Fringe version stars Madalena Alberto, Kieran Brown, Helen French and Trevor Jary.

The set at first appears strange four obvious doorways, two mats and four chairs. The four chairs are two sets of two, the reason being we have two flats filling the space of one.

Tom (Kieran Brown) and his partner Kate (Helen French) have just moved in to a new flat, despite their time together all is not well. Is it because he has not got a job or is it because she is working too hard and he hasn’t yet asked her to marry him? After one particularly fraught argument she runs out meeting Charlie (Trevor Jary) who entices her out. Meanwhile discovering she has gone Tom manages to get locked out of the flat in his underpants. Sam (Madelena Alberto) the elusive next-door neighbour invites him in and the hilarity and misunderstandings start.

The storyline is fully believable, the direction clever, the musical numbers memorable and as for the cast they are superb. Had I the time I would go back to see it again.


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