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Russell Kane: Human Dressage - One4Review

5 stars

Over the years that I have been attending Fringe gigs I have seen any number of comedians do their shows and each has their own style. Russell Kane is one of the many fine performers who just grow in stature each year and each time they are a pleasure to watch.

Given that Kane’s style is frantic, never still for long, if at all, I suppose Human Dressage was an ideal title for his 2009 offering.

Another of Russell’s attributes is that he talks at a million miles an hour and this mean that one has to listen intently to try and absorb every word he utters, and you just wouldn’t want to miss a single one.

Initially bantering with the audience Kane explains the principals behind the theory he is expounding, holding everyone’s attention throughout this opening and in fact the entire set.

He talks about age, his initial upbringing and his family.  These are illustrated with anecdotes and he is as skilful with his words as an Old Master with a paint brush, painting verbal pictures as he goes. He talks about his travels and how different nations behave in similar situations.  In fact,  he talks about everything, and he is both extremely observational and funny and comes across as a likeable chap. He is also very popular as the packed out houses he get will attest too.

If he is to your liking, and how can he not be, don’t miss the chance of a ticket, buy one today.


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