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Sound & Fury's:  Sherlock Holmes And The Saline Solution - One4Review

Sound & Fury’s:   Sherlock Holmes And The Saline Solution
Messer’s Shelby Bond, Vinny Cardinale and Richard Maritzer are Sound & Fury, last Fringe they entertain Edinburgh Audiences with ‘Cyranose’.   This year we are treated to their unique slant on Victorian England by presenting "Sherlock Holmes and the Saline Solution".  Despite having been at last years show I was not quite ready for the totally interactive start and that is even before we enter the theatre. Once inside comments are flowing backwards and forwards between performers and audience. Then an argument breaks out between leading man, Maritzer who is wheedled out of the deerstalker by Bond.  Shelby Bond proceeds to play Holmes badly!  For once Dr Watson is the intelligent logical one whilst Bond is more of a Clouseau than a hero. Poor Vinny Cardinale carries the responsibility of being almost all the other characters. The fun comes as much from the mistranslation English to American as to the storyline and plots, although most of this confusion lies somewhere deep in Shelby’s head. They also have as much fun messing with each other as they do their audiences.     ****  

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