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The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection:or the Survival of (R)evolutionary Theories in the Face of Scientific and Ecclesiastical Objections: Being a Musical Comedy about Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882) - One4Review

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5 stars

John Hinton gives a splendidly animated and humorous performance as the re-incarnation of Charles Darwin. The story is beautifully crafted in words and music, with touches of mime. Darwin’s life is traced form his childhood obsession with barnacles to the writing of the Origin of Species. 

As well as taking on the role of Darwin, he plays the characters that influenced Darwin’s life from his stern father to his fellow revolutionary thinker, the Scottish geologist Charles Lyall, whose work helped shape Darwin’s theories. This is all performed in an engaging manner as if we, the audience, are house guests. The audience do have a role to play in several biological explanations – all very good natured.

John Hinton’s script and lyrics reveal an ingenious and imaginative mind. His performance is flawless, apart from Lyall’s Scots accent which he does acknowledge is not particularly convincing.

I saw the show on the first Saturday of the Fringe and there was a full house. Therefore, my advice is book early for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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