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Shafted - One4Review

I must admit that the description of the si play written by Olly Fielding intrigued me when reading ths Fringe programme, it’s was just the location that delayed me in seeing it before now, but I wish that had not delayed me. Theo, Sean Oakes, Charlie, Ashley Harris and Nick, Matthew Bohrer all work for an ailing consultancy firm. A late evening encounter see all three get in the same lift which then gets stuck due to a power failure. All is not well with the three, diabetic Theo has information that wiz-kid Charlie is up to no good financially and Theo’s ex, Sharon, who happens to be Nick’s sister has become a drug addict due to previous dabbling whilst with Theo. Tensions are rife given the situation and previous history….. and then the lights fail!! One the emergency lighting kicks in Theo is lying dead on the floor with a syringe through his heart. But who dun it? This well written play is excellently directed by the writer who draws fine performances from the tree actors. The set is almost too good, as it appears exactly the same size as a real lift, causing slight problems with sight lines if one is sitting too far to the side however not much is missed and the lines are clear throughout. So don’t be put off by the location as I was initially, check this out at your first opportunity, as a talented young company like this deserve a good audience for a well worth wile production. ****

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