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Geraldine Quinn: Shut Up and Sing - One4Review


4 Stars

I have seen Geraldine Quinn a number of times over the last few years, usually enjoying this flame haired comedy rock chick’s set, but felt that last year’s show was not her best. I nearly passed up on the opportunity to see her this year and am so I glad I decided to go.

In a move away from her image, Geraldine has decided to write the perfect pop song and the show is the whole process from start to finish. She explores all the factors that make a three minute bit of nonsense a world wide phenomena, dissecting everything and making sure she is ticking all the boxes, even hoping to break a couple of records on the way.

Quinn has always been able to sing well, always been able to poke fun at both herself and others, but this year she really excels.

The show lasts an hour, including several costume changes that she often is self-deprecating about as they get smaller, and every minute is used to good effect. It’s great to have this really talented lady back to her very best.


Reviewed By Geoff

Underbelly Delhi Belly V 61

5 tp 29 August

22-20 to 23-20

Fringe Brochure P 67

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