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Andi Osho: Afroblighty - One4Review


5 Stars

I first became aware of Ms Osho having seen her a couple of time on the TV and that was enough to encourage me to check out her live show Afroblighty.

Of Nigerian stock Andi grew up in London and originally classed her self as cockney, but was made more aware of her ethnicity as she grew up.

From the off, her audience interaction was excellent, she has a bubbly fun personality and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself throughout her hour.

Her material was very good, observational at times, anecdotal at others and able to poke fun at most, including herself. Obviously she draws on her background and some of the racial stereotypes that are held, but this was never a rant, just well crafted and got one thinking yet laughing with her.

She has a huge, fun personality that will go down well with most, yet a wicked sense of humour to back it up.

The theme that comes out of her show is one of hope that perhaps we as a nation are moving on from prejudices and her finale a beat poem reinforces the hope.

Ms Osho is definitely on the right track and I feel she will go far. I cannot think anybody could leave her show without a smile on their face.


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand IV V12

5 to 29 August

17-35 to 18-35

Fringe Brochure P26

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