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Ladies Monthly  - One4Review

Bea Holland and Samantha Sanns are two wickedly talented ladies who have a wealth of comedy acting ability and reasonably long CV, given their youth, behind them are performing this show to lampoon the myriad of such magazines that appear on our newsstands at an alarmingly increasing rate. Both ladies are accomplished at taking the mickey, both in sketches and in satirically altered songs, accompanied by the accomplished Pete Smith on keyboards. All the usual items found in such publications get a working over as do the perennial ‘celebrities’ that adorn the pages in monotonous regularity. The ladies illustrate their observations with examples taken from these periodicals and it really should be noted that their research is widespread given the range of titles on display. This is a clever show, but for me they did fall a little into the trap of almost delivering a similar ‘magazine’ themselves. This aside, a very enjoyable hour from talented satirists who will soon be seen in a TV series, and no wonder. ****

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