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Jason Byrne 2010 - One4Review


5 Stars

I can’t remember when I first saw Jason Byrne perform but it was many years ago when he was a fairly new kid on the Fringe and now many years later he has graduated to be  Fringe Institution, selling out the cavernous Assembly Halls space every night, every year. That’s a fact.

I haven’t had the chance to see him for a couple of years due to the reviewing ticket going elsewhere in the team so when I fought to get a ticket this year I hoped it would be worth it. It was. And then some!!

Byrne hit the stage grabbed half a dozen assistants from the audience to join him in a step-aerobics work out and we were warmed up for the hour of mayhem that followed.

Byrne never is still always prowling his stage, interacting with the crowd, drawing information and running with it, and just occasionally interspersing this with his set!!

There a re a few instances where old family photos are projected onto three large screens as he proves he can take the mickey out of himself as well as every one else.

I’m sure every night will have a different show with this manic Irishman, and equally sure each will be as enjoyable as the others. Byrne has mass appeal and it’s not difficult to understand why. The man’s a legend.

On a personal note I’d like to really thank him for the dedication at the end of this show. It was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Halls V23

5 to 30 August

21-00 to 22-00

Fringe Brochure P 76

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