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A Portrait of Shazia Mirza - One4Review

I have been watching Shazia Mirza’s shows at the Fringe for about five years now and have always enjoyed them, but often felt that she was her known worse enemy until last year. She now seems to accept that not every gag will work as she hoped, and previously this would get her down. Last year she seemed to shrug off any disappointment and get on with the next one and her show was vastly improved for it. This year she has continued in this vein and he white Guardian reader audience seem to be enjoying her more and more. Ms Mirza has recently had a portrait of her hung in the National Portrait gallery along side Nelson Mandela and David Beckham, hence the show title and the opening part of the set deals with reactions to this, both her own and her friends and relations. Shazia is a clever writer and performer and has a volume of funny, observational and personal situations to regale the audience with. Ryan Air, magazines, Facebook, skiing and ex-pats are just a few of the subjects that she waxes lyrical on as well as her TV experiences on ‘Am I Beautiful’ when she was turned into a WAG, and on the American show, Last Comic Standing. It’s quite clear to me that she should be more high-profile in Fringe terms than she is, so go check her out for yourself, I’m sure you won’t regret it. ****

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