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Jim Jeffries – 30 - One4Review

What else anyone may say about Jim Jeffries, and much does get said, no one could ever accuse him of being pretentious. This Aussie is very much what you see is what you get, and his humour does not depend on any themes. it is like listening to a very funny guy in a pub with his mates. Jim does not get much television work, and that is probably because his style, with no subject at all taboo and liberally littered with very strong language, would not sit to happily in that medium, but judging by the masses of people clammering for tickets for his gigs, live work is his forte. Jim ambles on and basically tells stories relating to his family and of course himself and has the entire room in stitches throughout. Everyone was laughing, occasionally questioning perhaps if they should at times, but laughing all the same. Jeffries is not afraid of self depreciation, with several stories and of course the finale all showing him up as the butt of the jokes. I wondered  if his show would translate to the very large space that is the Cow Barn, rather than the more intimate venues he has played, but it was just the same feeling, only enjoyed by more. ****

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