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Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians - One4Review

4 Stars


The fast forwarding of 19th century style magicians into the present day gives Morgan & West’s show a pleasing theatricality. Part of their act is the comedy patter to build up the tension for the feat of amazement about to be performed.

Their style does bring about a feel good factor, friendly and encouraging. This is important because they do depend on choosing members of the audience to participate in most of their tricks. As with the best magic, you are searching your brain for the explanation and thinking ‘how did they do that?’ As to the tricks themselves, no details from me; I don’t want to spoil the surprises in any way.

Their show is performed in the Balcony and this room gives intimacy and a close up view. From the hearty applause at the end, it was obvious the audience had enjoyed being baffled.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number                  Gilded Balloon Teviot; V14

Dates                                                  4 to 29 August 2010

Times                                                 15.45 to 16.45

Fringe Programme Page Number:100

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