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Nina Conti – Talk to the Hand - One4Review


5 Stars

There are not too many ventriloquists on the comedy circuit currently, even fewer female ones and I’m sure there are even less that have the talent that is possessed by Nina Conti.

Original puppet Monkey was the first of her co-conspirators on the night and this cheeky chimp is still giving his glamorous mistress a hard time with both his bad language and putdowns. He even goes off script and chats to the front row of the audience, but his time this year is relatively short.

The next for a brief outing was as a poetic owl, then for the majority of the set a new to me anyway puppet Granny held the centre stage. Ms Conti has the voice down so well and they whole experience was excellent.

Ever the versatile performer Nina introduces us  to Lydia next, another vehicle for her to showcase a different side to her talents which seem never ending.

There were brief appearances of another couple as well before a final foray by Granny and a very different finale.

The whole show was an excellent example of venting. I was one who got talked to by monkey and even up close as I was there was no obvious lip movement evident.

Get your ticket and get early in the queue and I bet you won’t see any either.


Reviewed by Geoff

 Pleasance King Dome Venue 23

4 to 29 August

20-30 to 21-30

Fringe Brochure page 104

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