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Phil Ellis is Ready for the Big Time 4**** - One4Review

Phil Ellis is Ready for the Big Time 4****

| On 13, Aug 2018

From the minute Phil arrives in the room wearing roller skates, to the tune I’m Still Standing, his trademark shambolic but jovial humour sets the tone for the rest of this cleverly constructed show.  This is not a formulaic stand up show as such, the audience pick from a selection of topics, including magic, impersonation, game show and book corner, for Phil to perform amongst his rambling storytelling and witticisms.

He presents a persona of a downtrodden man still broken following his failed marriage, which has been a staple of his shows for the past few years, along with a child like sense of belief (a.k.a. desperation) that he will still succeed in a world in which he seems fated to fail.  This fast paced anarchic show is packed full of surprises and gags with uncompromising audience particpation that delivers some seriously funny comedy moments.  His strength lies in the interactions and banter that he has with the audience.

Phil Ellis is a stupidly funny man so if you are looking for something that will make you laugh your socks off then you should not miss this show.
Reviewed by Lynne
Heroes@The Hive
19.40 to 20.40
Until 26th (not 15th)

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