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Justin Moorhouse: Northern Joker 4**** - One4Review

Justin Moorhouse: Northern Joker 4****

| On 13, Aug 2018

Justin Moorhouse is exactly what he says, he’s from the north, Manchester (south of here) and he tells jokes. He has such a relaxed style and obviously oodles of experience as his delivery and timing show.

In what was a really quick hour he tells numerous stories that had the audience in stitches. He talks a lot about his family, bringing up teenage children with some helpful tips on how to ensure everyone attends a family meeting. He likes to talk to his children but his daughter in particular sometimes wants to over share, not something he’s comfortable with. He compares parenting styles now and “back in the day” before people had emotions and everyone had a bewildered nana.

He also talks about holidays, a trip to puffin island, being a vegan, condiment apartheid, Northerners in general especially the ones that move down south, Liverpudlians and the super confidence of the Mancunians. He covers some political material, Brexit and Trump and also sensitively yet humorously mentions the Manchester Arena bombing, which had people holding their breath but then instantly relaxed.

This was a really good, laughter packed show, well worth the ticket price.

Reviewed by Sharon
Gilded Balloon (Dining Room)
19.00 to 20.00
Until 26th Aug (not 23rd)

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