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Claire Ford:- Unboxed 2** - One4Review

Claire Ford:- Unboxed 2**

| On 18, Aug 2018

Onto her stage, set with a cardboard box pyramid, bounds Claire Ford, also in a box. Hmm sense a theme here and we were off on a journey through her life.
Illustrated with pictures projected onto said pyramid, Ms Ford sets the rules, no not laughing no sleeping. Hmm. What does she know that we didn’t then?
Her life growing up with divorced parents, a little brother and a dad who owned a cardboard box manufacturing company, those boxes again, gave her some scope for jokes that got some laughter, her cardboard pet box a little more and clubbing at 15, meeting a sleazy cheating guy, being kicked out of the family home, job in cardboard factory before going to university, lactose intolerance and a crush on Philip Schofield did not really set the room into hysterics.
Okay the audience were not all she could have hoped for, but I felt her heart wasn’t really in it. And then for me the cardinal sin. Knowing she had a reviewer in she referenced to her tech that she had left out a whole segment of the show, but it really didn’t matter. If that was the case why reference it at all. Nobody in the audience would have known. Not very clever me thinks.
Reviewed by Geoff
Jut the Tonic Just Out of the Box
14.00 to 15.00
Until 26th

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