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Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse 4**** - One4Review

Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse 4****

| On 09, Aug 2018

I’m not sure why I haven’t come across Ms Keyworth before; she’s very good. Her performance demonstrated a good grasp of the art of the pause, pacing, tone and rhythm; it isn’t a crowd-work type show but she worked well with what presented itself when appropriate; and she comes across as genuinely lovely.

As an overall theme, ‘being female in modern society’ would be the pretentious description; what it was like to be Sarah growing up and how she wants to inspire the next generation would be less so. The show felt like it had two distinct parts: the first about Ms Keyworth and particular relevant life experiences, and the second about how those experiences have shaped her and inspired her to live now. That second part was perhaps a little too earnest for my taste in places, but it wouldn’t be possible to call her insincere, and I’ll take earnest and passionate over apathy any day.

The show contained two of the sharpest punchlines I’ve yet heard this Fringe, and she brought the audience with her from the very start to the very end. A lovely performance and a talent to watch.

Reveiwed by Laura

Pleasance Courtyard, 17:30

Until 26th

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