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Tom Houghton :- Honourable 5**** - One4Review

Tom Houghton :- Honourable 5****

| On 16, Aug 2018

Tom Houghton, or should I say the Honourable Tom Houghton tackles the sometimes difficult ‘second’ show with rich aplomb following on from his much acclaimed solo debut last year.
Houghton’s father has recently been made a Lord, hence Tom’s title, he actually lives in The Tower of London, his father previously the head of the armed forces for Britain, so boarding schools and multi moves for Tom, the brightest of all white privileges.
But Houghton, for all this, is very likeable and a funny able performer. This observational material of the circles he moves in is fantasy land for most, yet he comes across as humble confessing to being sacked from a pub chain more than once, being arrested three times, this causing him anguish as to possible repercussions to his family reputation
He recounts a visit to the House of Lords for his father’s speech, his growing up on military bases, his arrests, posh parties and his family relationships, and taking his father to Laserquest.
His hour is packed out with laugh out loud moments and is well written, his stage presence is enough to engulf the room. In fact Houghton is probably the complete package. He has enhanced his reputation with this performance. Already I’m looking forward to next year’s offering.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Jack Dome
20.10 to 21.10
Until 26th

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