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Sara Barron: For Worse 4**** - One4Review

Sara Barron: For Worse 4****

| On 09, Aug 2018

Ms Barron nailed her introduction and had a lacklustre Wednesday audience on side even before she hit the stage. From that stage she delivers good, well crafted stand-up which kept (most of) the audience well-engaged for the duration (some people think it’s okay to have their own conversation during a show).

The show loosely hangs around marriage and the notion that ‘real’ marriage and relationships are nothing like the perfect images projected on social media. While this might sound like a tired trope, Barron’s take does feel fresh and like a valuable contribution to the conversation. There are some other forays too, most notably a re-enactment of her misguided teenage attempts to write romantic fiction.

Ms Hubert is also excellent at mocking the disgustingly smug and self-satisfied social-media tone of voice, and the physicality accenting some of her portrayed emotions is very evocative. There’s also something nice about a piece of comedy which is included in a set for it’s own sake, not simply to provide fodder for a later call-back.

In all, this is solid, enjoyable stand up.

Reveiwed by Laura

Just the Tonic at the Tron, 15:40

Until 26th

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