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Andrea Hubert: Holes of Joy 3*** - One4Review

Andrea Hubert: Holes of Joy 3***

| On 09, Aug 2018

Ms Hubert comments/warns/mentions at the top of the show that it’s more of a 9pm show than a 2pm show, and seemed delighted that at least one audience member had some alcohol in a plastic glass; the show does visit some quite dark places, exuberantly at odds with Andrea’s proper private-girls’-school accent.

Ms Hubert has struggled to find joy in life and through the show she describes some of the ways and places she’s attempted to find some. Religion is one, and she finds quite a lot of comedic mileage in it, but there’re also forays into finding joy in associating with children, sex, and feminism.

Andrea has a lovely voice and good presence on stage, but perhaps a little too much hesitancy in her delivery. In such a stuffy venue a slight upping of pacing and rhythm might also have done something to prevent the show becoming soporific. And while Ms Hubert is a good performer, and the material had all the components of good stand up, something didn’t quite coalesce (maybe that 2pm audience), resulting in an enjoyable but not remarkable hour.

Reviewed by Laura

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 14:00

Until 26th

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