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Mark Watson : The Infinite Show 5***** - One4Review

Mark Watson : The Infinite Show    5*****

| On 06, Aug 2018

Mark Watson is a recognisable comedy performer. He’s been on TV. He has various claims to fame, other than being mistaken for David Baddiel. He was voted, by a well known publication, as the 50th sexiest Jew! Quite flattering, he thought “I’ll take that”. Only slight problem . . Not Jewish! Must be the David Baddiel effect!

As we queued to enter the venue we were given postcards with questions such as; what would most surprise someone about you? Various previous replies were flashed up on the screen on stage before Mark’s entrance. The pick of tonight’s replies were read out towards the end of the show. The idea is to make the whole experience more personal and we are encouraged to email more suggestions thoughts to Mark.

He is a very likeable, personable and relatable chap. He is effortlessly funny and isn’t afraid to reveal that his personal life is not in great shape right now. He is in the middle of a messy, and by all accounts, quite an unpleasant divorce with two young children to consider. We hear about his experience with his very badly behaved eight year old son. He is tasked to delivering his children to school, on time, two mornings per week. This turns out to be a tremendous source of stress and anxiety for Mark. It is this vulnerability that sets Mark apart from the rest of the pack.

Mark laments his experience of Center Parcs, where you spend more to camp in a forest in Essex than you would to fly, and live in the lap of luxury, in the Caribbean! They charge you extra to hire the shuttlecock when you hire badminton rackets! “I’m obviously not doing enough telly. I can’t afford Center Parcs!”.

He really should be on telly more! This is a brilliant show. Great concept delivered with a passion and a great honesty.

Reviewed by Margot
Pleasance Courtyard (Forth)
until Aug 27th

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