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Mark Watson Festival Of Bad Ideas 2** - One4Review

Mark Watson Festival Of Bad Ideas   2**

| On 20, Aug 2017

Mark swipes through his book of contacts to bring us his chosen guests.
If his intention was to experiment, to go all avant garde on us, it worked tonight. We got Sanderson Jones. He of those annoying TV Bingo ads. He is also co-founder of the Sunday Assembly.
Sanderson suggests we warm up, so we dutifully wave our arms, we dance to music, most of the audience join in and they seem to be enjoying it. Next, we talk with our neighbours, rave a bit more. We try meditation, clear your mind etc. a random thought pops into my expanded consciousness: did we really pay for this?
We look at the projection screen, what can we see, we are asked. Then more raving, and hi-fiving. Suddenly the show’s over. Sanderson must get to Waverley station to catch his train. Bye!
A bemused Mark Watson gets back on stage and does remarkably well filling the last ten minutes. Understandably he struggles a tiny bit until an audience member suggests phoning Sanderson to see if he caught the train. All very surreal but can I get a refund?
Good concept, good value, but a bad idea this time. The next guest will be better, no doubt.

2** (One * for Mark’s organising and one * for the audience). One* for Sanderson for turning up? NOPE
Reviewed by Rob
Pleasance Beneath
22.45 to 23.45
Until Aug 27th

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