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Ashley Storrie – Morning Glory 4**** - One4Review

Ashley Storrie – Morning Glory 4****

| On 21, Aug 2017

Ashley Storrie as I’m sure almost everyone will know, is the daughter of Glaswegian comedy superstar Janey Godley, yet while there are similarities she is definitely her own woman.
Not wanting to pay for intro music, Ashley is on stage early welcoming the arrivals, quipping away, basically setting the scene for her hour of individual and delightfully funny humour, while putting everyone at ease.
The show is fairly heavily family based, she relates so many tales of her autistic father, his gangster heritage, obviously her mum and her much loved recently deceased grandfather.
Ms Storrie delights in relating of ‘rubbish’ presents given to her, anecdotes from her ultra-posh schooling, being the glue to her parents’ marriage and her almost non-existent relationships and sex life, yet retells of a recent experience that was enhanced with finally finding a use for a previous rubbish present and of course some presidential erotica her fertile brain has written.
Ashley Storrie has a huge appeal and the relaxed delivery style of the born raconteur she is. The show is peppered with laughs and her comedy future is assured.
Reviewed by Geoff
The Counting House Ballroom
18.45 to 19.45
Until 27th

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