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Red Bastard –Lie With Me 4**** - One4Review

Red Bastard –Lie With Me 4****

| On 22, Aug 2017

Red Bastard is in reality American comedian /clown/ performance artist Eric Davis, but as we ‘are friends we can call him simply Red’ and states at the top that this show has no start no end and asks questions where there are really no answers.
This is a show that relies on audience interaction, almost a confessional, with the house lights on throughout there is no hiding place either for Red or the sell-out crowd. He asks questions about lying, especially in relationships, what is lying? Is this cheating? Is that? Who made the rules? Hoovering up crowd responses analysing them and enjoying the tasty lies that are forthcoming and out and out confessions too.
Dressed in his trademark red lycra cat suit and hood there is certainly something of a devil about him as he guides all threw his performance, well should that be our, the audience’s performance. The only bit I found slightly jarring was the discomfort of the poor guy dragged up to dance with him, who just didn’t want to be that involved.
I have to admit I went to this show with some trepidation having heard things about previous offerings but left with a feeling that I had really enjoyed my hour and would totally recommend the experience.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance 2
21.30 to 22.30
Until 27th

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