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Black Mountain 4**** - One4Review

Black Mountain 4****

| On 22, Aug 2017

As I entered the suitably creepy fog bound Roundabout Theatre in Summerhall, I was in no doubt that this was going to be a tense 70 minutes of drama. Paul and Rebecca’s relationship is in crisis and they are on a break in a secluded bleak spot to try and repair the damage. Lights flicker, an axe goes missing, a dead bird has to be buried, and along with Rebecca’s ability to appear and disappear Paul becomes very unsettled. Then Helen makes an unwelcome appearance – the cause of his relationship breakdown.
Using a selection of horror genre tropes, this was a well paced thriller and excellent use is made of the venue’s environs as the characters pop up in different positions. There are flashes of humour, and Katie Elin-Salt gives a standout performance as Rebecca. If anything the tension could have been greater as I never got to the ‘scream out loud stage’ of fright but this is greatly entertaining theatre. Another Summerhall success.
Reviewed by Rona
24-26th August
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