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Gary Delaney - There's Something About Gary 4**** - One4Review

Gary Delaney – There’s Something About Gary 4****

| On 20, Aug 2017

As the audience settle into their seats, we are treated to a number of screen shots of Gary’s hilarious tweets, via a large slide show. This is a good indication of the way the show will go and the pace of gags that will come at you.

Some comedians let you into their world, their life experiences, growing up, their likes, their dislikes, but not Gary Delaney. The act and the entire hour is about jokes, about one liners. We learn very little about the man himself. Okay, I think we learn that he has a dog. Or does he? As he, on more than one occasion, will refer to his girlfriend, when many of us know, he is in fact married (to fellow comedian Sarah Millican). So he actually may not have a dog . . .

The jokes, and they are expertly delivered, are the star of the show. There are some crackers here! The show feels very traditional. In the old school style of stand up. To be fair, there are no mother in law jokes. The material is fresh and relevant.

There is no audience interaction. He does, in fact, at the beginning of the show, poke fun at comedians who do just that. Pointing to someone in the audience, “oh I bet you have a name and a job! And I bet you’re from somewhere posh or shit”!

More from the large screen on stage. Gary introduces a number of his favourite ridiculous observations from his time travelling up and down the country. It feels a little like a friend who insists on showing you all of his amazing holiday snaps . . but funnier and more entertaining!

This is, in fact, a very entertaining hour. With many jokes that you want to remember, and not mess up re-telling them to your mates. But it is not as easy as Gary makes it look.

review by Margot
Pleasance Beyond
21.20 to 22.20
Until 26th

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