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Laura Lexx :- Trying 4**** - One4Review

Laura Lexx :- Trying 4****

| On 18, Aug 2018

There is no doubt that Laura Lexx is a likeable comic, her smiley demeanour and chatty style got the audience with her early on as with the opening story about a family holiday, instead of attending last year’s Fringe especially when comparing it to previous 90’s holidays, plenty of laughs throughout, but this isn’t what the show was about.
Ms Lexx is desperate to be a mum, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening for her and her husband, a situation that has caused her depression and reliance on anti-depressants. Tackling the subject head on she tries to come to terms with her desire for a family and the thought of raising one in today’s world. Potentially dark stuff but with her skilful writing and innate comedic ability manages to get some laughs along the way.
There is more to the hour than this though, a delightful gag or two about Lush, a trip to Debenhams and even the purchase of tropical fish all have a lighter feel and draw belly laughs from the packed venue.
All in all a very enjoyable hour spent it the company of an excellent comedian who balances the messages with the funnies with skilful precision.
Reviewed by Geoff
Gilded Balloon Turret
17.15 to 18.15
Until 26th

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