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Phil Kay: Lighter Hour 2** - One4Review

Phil Kay: Lighter Hour 2**

| On 13, Aug 2018

I have a strong affection for Phil Kay, the seasoned Fringe perennial, having enjoyed his previous offerings over many years. Expectations were high for Lighter Hour but sadly on this occasion Kay did not deliver.

I would say that Lighter Hour is a work in progress but as Kay excels in presenting prolonged periods of improvisation and observations this show should have flourished, instead the show struggled with a scattering of comedic anecdotes.

The show started with Kay helping to arrange the seating and as he was out already he seemed to go into the performance with the claim that this was ‘not the show’  but slowly it became apparent that this was the show.

Don’t get me wrong, he did make me laugh but not to the same extent as performances from previous years.  It felt like the audience did their best to be supportive and receptive, willing him to produce the material that we are so accustomed to.

Kay has a natural charm of his own and I have no doubt that on any other night this would have been a very different and much more successful show and this performance would not deter me from going to see Phil Kay again in the future.

Reviewed by Lynne
Heroes at
14.45 to 15.45
Until 26th (not 15th)


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