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Rob Oldham : Worm's Lament 4**** - One4Review

Rob Oldham : Worm’s Lament  4****

| On 12, Aug 2018


As Amused Moose Breakthrough Comic 2017, I was expecting a lot from Rob Oldham. He did not disappoint. He is a very competent story teller, very at ease on stage and with the sound of his own voice. Tonight’s show may have lacked a few belly laughs but we heard many sharp observations and some clever, very English, rap. Set to a back drop of Rob’s carefully chosen tracks from the decades in which he did much of his growing up.

Rob Oldham is twenty three years old. So of little life experience, some of us in the venue tonight, might say. Although on the whole, Rob’s audience are largely on side and within his peer group.

We hear many relatable stories of being middle class, being a student, taking drugs, going clubbing for the first time and of making some very bad first impressions.

Fortunately, first impressions tonight were very good.

Reviewed by Margot

The Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance That)
Until Aug 27th at 21:30

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