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Siblings: Siblage 4**** - One4Review

Siblings: Siblage 4****

| On 17, Aug 2022

Siblings sketch comedy invites us into the surreal world of Siblage high, attended exclusively by siblings. The assembly/ talent show is hosted by head girls and real life siblings Marina and Maddy. It’s a wonderfully ludicrous hour of oddball comedy. The familiarity of the setting gives us all a comfortable reference point from which to leap into the madness. 
Sketches include; an ‘American play’ in 3 acts contrived into the proceedings by a drama teacher so reminiscent of my own it’s uncanny (mine used to make us watch clips of himself playing background characters in Heartbeat!), a sex education talk given the pan world accented Agnes and Zarol, and a year 8 Improvised Wind in the Willows, which in the show I watched had a plot driven by an edamame bean. Though my favourite sketch involved two balloon chested teachers in competition for the romantic attentions of another teacher, trying to give a lecture on the dangers of ‘mara-ju-ana’ through role play. I laughed very hard.
Maddy and Marina are so in sync. Maddy has a wide eyed intensity and Marina a mischievous nonchalance that play really well off each other whatever the character they are playing. This is a really fun show that doesn’t have a low moment.
Reviewed by Sarah
Pleasance Courtyard – Attic
20.30 (1hr)
Until 29th Aug

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