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Einstein - Pip Utton - 5***** - One4Review

Einstein – Pip Utton – 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2019

This was my first experience of festival stalwart Pip Utton’s work and I find myself wondering what took me so long? As Albert Einstein, Pip gives a delicately nuanced performance, gently asking us to realise that imagination (which is boundless) is more important than knowledge (which is limited). Every so often the audience is asked to close their eyes and participate in a thought experiment by visualising a scenario which proves his point.
The play has many anecdotes from Einstein’s life and,although his demeanour is always genial, Pip Utton does not shy away from the less kindly aspects of Einstein’s behaviour. Albert admits to his womanising and regrets his treatment of his first wife (which is frankly shocking) and on occasion he displays a hint of pomposity towards his colleagues. There is also sadness that his findings led to the development of the atomic bomb – a development he would love to distance himself from.
This was a really enjoyable hour from a consummate performer. Pip had a warm relationship with the audience and was delightfully bitchy about recent attempts to explain Einstein’s work to the masses. I could have carried on listening to him for hours, but thankfully he has 2 other productions on at The Stand’s New Town Theatre so I will get my next fix there.

Reviewed by Rona

Pleasance Upstairs


Until 25th August (not 13th)

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