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Eurobeat – 4**** - One4Review

Eurobeat – 4****

| On 21, Aug 2016

Back in 2007 the Fringe sat up and took notice when the then titled ‘Eurobeat Almost Eurovision’ premiered at The Pleasance and was an instant hit. Subsequent tours and also lower key productions have followed.
Some 9 years later, it is back. Okay retitled, set in Moldova rather than Sarajevo and there are two more countries with ten instead of eight. The principal remains, hi-tec camp, to the fore, solid production values live text voting and video links as the contest fronted by by the glamorous former KGB agent Katya Kokov, and the three-time winner of Moldova’s Got Talent, Nikolae Nikovsky played by Rula Lenska and Lee Latchford – Evans.
Each of the ten participating countries perform their numbers and there are a couple of unusual ones included, there is a half-time production number while the voting is counted, all that one has grown to know. It should have been magnificent. However. while entertaining and well performed by the dozen actors I found the tracks generally uninspiring, nowhere nearly as catchy as the original and the buzz from 2007 was definitely not in this updated version.
That said though Eurobeat is a good way to spend ninety minutes and if you went with a groups of friends I’m sure it would definitely not be nil points.
Reviewed by Geoff
21.25 to 23.15
Pleasance Grand
Until 29th (not 23rd)

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