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Seann Walsh:- After This One I’m Going Home 4.5 **** - One4Review

Seann Walsh:- After This One I’m Going Home 4.5 ****

| On 18, Aug 2019

What a difference a year makes. This time last year Walsh had booked to do Edinburgh, and then came the announcement that he was going into ‘Strictly’, all plans had to be changed. He was going to get a massive career boost for being on one of the most watched TV programmes. Then it happened.
There can’t be many people who are unaware of the way a papped picture of him kissing his dance partner Katya Jones exploded into the mainstream media. Social media went into melt down too. He quips that we should thank him for keeping the Brexit debacle off the front page of a national tabloid for 12 days. He knew he was in real strife when two much reviled people tweeted their support for him.
Seann was hassled by everyone, had to be hidden away in a hotel. Once eliminated from Strictly, he escaped to the USA for peace and to write his show. And to contemplate what had gone wrong.
He always wanted to be a comedian since watching old VHS tapes and attending a live gig in Brighton. Being single minded, he worked his socks off and hard work and no little talent it started to happen, competitions, some TV, which didn’t go so well in the edit, even a Royal Variety show that was not the best but drew support from Prince Charles at least.
The story progresses with some uncanny impersonation of a Saturday Night comedy star, more Strictly stories, prospective big time TV gigs, then it all crashed after that pic. He was accused of gas lighting his ex, and apologising live on a chat show to his former partner. Not the ideal preparation for the dance on Saturday night.
This hour has a few dynamics happening in it. It is cathartic in him being able to talk about everything, a chance to redress the balance and also the opportunity to showcase his all-round comedic skills and writing, something he grasps with both hands.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Kingdome
20.30 to 21.30
Until 25th

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