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Piff the Magic Dragon: Last of the Magic Dragons - One4Review

3 Stars ***

Now perhaps I expected too much from this show, the vibe I’ve been getting is that it is one to watch, so although I’m still skeptical about magic acts, I along with many others, went to see if the word was right.

Now I have respect for what these guys can do normally, so yes the Dragon costume was a different slant and couldn’t have made it any easier to do his set, and he is a more than competent magician, I’m just not sure which market he is aiming for. I think the show was too childish for adults, yet too adult for children, which I think this persona would be better suited for.

Armed with a very surly assistant Amy Sunshine and his chiwawa dog assistant Mr Piffles, Piff ran the whole gambit of card trick, mind reading sleight of hand and so on, and yet I was not as awestruck or impressed as with some other magicians.

Piff has a penchant for the ladies though and one in particular, but did she have to be selected for three or more of his tricks? If one was cynical one could think she was a plant.

Still it was a pleasant enough way to spend an hour.

Reviewed by Geoff

Just the Tonic at The Store

4 to 28 August (not 16)

18:40 to 19:40

Fringe Brochure P 134

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