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Jason Byrne – Cirque du Byrne Tour - One4Review

I really can’t remember exactly when I first saw Jason Byrne perform live, but it must be fourteen years ago having previously see him on the Edinburgh or Bust TV series.

Byrne then was a very young red headed bundle of crazy, wacky energy who just got up there and delivered, something that is still his trademark all those years later.

Byrne has been one of the biggest selling comedians at TheEdinburghFringe ever since and he is just starting on a mammoth tour taking his brand of comedy mayhem to the whole country. This date at the Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline was rocking with laughter from the opening routine until the last nearly two hours 30 later.

In all the years I have seen him perform I actually began he doubt that he had prepared material. His mercurial wit is always to the fore as he riffs as only he can with the audience, but there was material this time and like his free form was quality too.

Byrne is maybe now in his late 30’s but the sense of humour is still as young and vibrant as ever, occasionally almost juvenile at times and there is always plenty of ’divilment’ and craic, not to mention abundant audience participation and the occasional crazy props that make cameo appearances.

Byrne has never been a comedian with deep meaningful messages in his shows, no, there is a simple message every time. Enjoyment. He enjoys himself and I cannot believe that anyone who has seem this man perform can feel otherwise. I found myself checking his schedule to see if he is playing anywhere near me again so I can catch the performance all over again.

For details of the tour check out or for future gigs at Dunfermline’s Alhambra Theatre www.alhambradunfermline,com

Reviewed by Geoff

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