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Camille O’Sullivan : Feel - One4Review

5 Stars *****

The lights dim on the packed auditorium, the twinkling fairy lights glisten on a stage festooned with dresses, doll’s house, glitter balls and of course red shoes when a caped vision in red sidles to centre stage. She starts to sing, the audience are hushed as her almost ethereal voice is initially heard. She has one and all in her palm for the next 70 minutes and never lets them go.

Camille has become an institution at Edinburgh Fringe over the last seven years, each year in a bigger venue to cope with her popularity. And little wonder. If the voice was not enough the theatrics that are introduced add another layer to what has already become a sublime artiste.

The song choice this tour is a mixture of well know stuff mixed together with new to most numbers but all given that touch of uniqueness that she brings to proceedings.

She is the complete package as far as I am concerned. A singer par excellence, she has the innate ability to flirt with 800 souls and make it seem personal and although a fairly small lady has the personality to swap the venue.

The songs where varied, but for me she was at her absolute best when performing Brel and Cave numbers, not everybody’s cup of tea maybe, but in her hands they are magnificent.

It will be a long wait until next year’s extravaganza, but I for one can’t wait.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Grand V 33

3 to 29 August

20:00 to 21:10

Fringe Brochure P 193

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