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Fancy Something Different in a Fringe Show? - One4Review

The Noise Next Door

24 Hour Improv Adventure

Monday, 13th August

The Noise Next Door, one of the Festival’s cutting edge improv groups will be attempting a first at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Straight after their show they will be setting out on a 24 hour improvised adventure around the City and the Festival. The parameters of their adventure day will be totally decided by the public through their suggestions online and in person as the guys work their way around Edinburgh from one task to the other.

As they improvise their way around the City and various venues of the Fringe they will ask for suggestions of what they should do next, where they should do it, the style they should perform it in. Their audience, fans and members of the public will be asked to come up with fun ideas of what they should be doing as they work their way around the mayhem of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

So whether they end up selling tickets at the Underbelly Box office in the manner of silent film stars or playing darts in someone’s front room with their comedian chums, this adventure is bound to be one of the most off the wall, exciting and totally unique events ever to have been seen in the City.

So if you want to see five guys improvising their way around Edinburgh and the Fringe, join The Noise Next Door on Monday evening at 7.00pm outside Pleasance Above and let the Improv begin!


Twitter: @noisenextdoor

Facebook: noisenextdoor

YouTube : noisenextdoorvideos

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