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Lady Carol Must Die – Lady Carol - One4Review


5 Stars

Although this show is listed in the cabaret section of the Fringe brochure I feel it could be equally at home in either the music section or even comedy. If there was a section called entertainment it would definitely be in there.

Lady Carol, a charismatic lady with a huge voice, and a little ukulele has the ability to ensnare he audience, bewitch them with her performance and leave them wanting more and then some. I first saw her three years ago and I am still under her spell.

This year’s show is different to the others. It is far more personal, she is laying bare her emotions of family issues, both in song and with AV. Her lilting craic between the numbers told from both sides of the issue if handled differently could have been misconstrued s self indulgent, but this was not the case, the music choice pertinent, some well known songs, some less known, but each given the arrangements and the special touch of magic that only this performer can do. I could go on, but I’m not going to spoil it.

The crowd I saw the performance with was of a good size, but she deserves more. It should be selling out daily. So why not go and see for yourselves.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Rooms Studio 2

2-26 August (not13)

18-30 to 19-30

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