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Truly Medley Deeply - One4Review

4 stars
7th August show.

Okay, outfits aside, this young quartet are excellent – individually very talented players as well as gelling as a group. The singing is great too and medley following medley of popular songs is performed very well I have to say.

A couple of things make this a 4 rather than 5 though – the diction needs to be better as a large amount of what could be heard couldn’t be understood unless you knew the songs (which to be fair most were known). My biggest issue was, however, that the whole show was far, far too loud. It’s a small space, the sound just needs to be balanced and clear however tonight’s show was verging on painful at points because the music drowned out the singing which was a great pity.

It probably didn’t help that Edinburgh Tonight over-ran by 15 minutes and I imagine it was “get set up and go” but this needs to be fixed. Then I’d gladly give it the 5 stars it deserves – they’re talented, polished and, dare I say it, gorgeous and deserve a fabulous run.

Review by Alan.

SpaceCabaret @ 54 (Carlton Hotel)

9th-20th August.


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