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Scales of the Unexpected - One4Review

4 Star


Scales of the Unexpected are a three man ensemble of accomplished cabaret performers namely Big Ian, Little Ian and Brian and in their bunker of a space are performing a late evening extravaganza of material and this certainly gives them a vehicle to showcase their talents.

The premise is that this intrepid trio are ore on a mission to save the world ‘one harmony at a time’.

Their show consisted of a large number of close harmony amalgams and parodies of numerous well known songs, I started to count but the sheer numbers defeated me, various costume changes along the way with the odd original number thrown in too.

The packed house on the night I went was well up for a fun night, and this they saw and then some. Each got a chance to feature and the whole performance was oh so slick.

Were there favourite bits? Well of course there was and for me the Literal Choreography songs were not only well executed but very witty to boot.

So for a good way to relax after a hard days Fringing this show would be hard to beat.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon at The Third Door

Until 26 August

22-45 to 23-45

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