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Edinburgh Tonight with Joe Simmons and Lorraine Chase - One4Review

3 stars
7th August show.

These ‘Best of’ shows are hard, hard work. I did it myself a few years ago and hats off to the team for bringing Edinburgh Tonight back again this year. I appreciate just how hard it is to keep bringing in quality (or not) acts to do their ‘slot’ and have the utmost respect for what goes into putting these shows on.

As every night is different it’s so hard to judge ‘this show’ without taking into account all the acts which are participating but it’s worth mentioning a few things. It started in the queue, overhearing a comment “…but I’ve no idea who Joe Simmons is”. Fair enough, neither did I! He’s Butch from ‘Topping and Butch’ who I have actually heard of – but I didn’t put the two together without reading the blurb.

The show starts with what must be the cheesiest, most self-indulgent opening ever and is completely unnecessary. Also unnecessary, I’m afraid, is Topping on the keyboard doing odd fills. It’s just not needed, takes up time and valuable space on the small stage. Sorry!

Anyway, despite many not knowing who he is, Joe’s a good host, likeable, presentable, funny and works hard. Lorraine Chase however is incredibly ditsy and kept forgetting to use her mic (which she needs as she’s so quiet). The whole thing seemed so rushed and yet ran 15 minutes over.

There was also no sign of Kate Copstick and even though the acts were giving away tickets, the audience were mainly reluctant to take them. Other shows further into the run will no doubt be slicker etc. but for me, tonight, only 3/5 I’m afraid.

Review by Alan.

SpaceCabaret @ 54 (Carlton Hotel)

9th-27th August (not 15th or 22nd).


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