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Thom Tuck Flips Out - One4Review


I should declare my biases before writing this review. I like my comedy intelligent, articulate and literate. Thom Tuck is my new favourite comedian. Short and stout and slightly dishevelled, Thom Tuck looks like a stereotypical student (though is probably too old to be an undergrad), one of the ones who divide their free time between the library and a pub. But given his obvious intelligence and the esoteric content of this show, the time in both was well spent.

He is, in his facial expressions, reminiscent of Mr Bean. I suspect that if he chose not to, he wouldn’t need to talk to be hilarious. In his disdain for idiocy and general incompetence his zeal is emphatic and persuasive. Some of his material is a little obscure, some is very obscure, and, as he says, some is rather niche. But it doesn’t matter if only one person in the audience is cackling away to themselves, because Thom’s reaction makes that funny too.

Take your brain along to this show; it’s not mindless easy laughs. Sometimes you have to work for it. Mr Tuck sets it up and then leaves you to work it out while he, grinning, watches the cogs turn and the bulb light up. It’s always, always worth it. The badge at the end given out by the man himself was a bonus.

Reviewed by Laura

Pleasance Dome

until 27 Aug, 20:10

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