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#TimandFreya – Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie - One4Review

5 Star


Now I am not a great user of social media site Twitter so have to say a lot of the technology and terms are somewhat alien to me. But I understand enough to be aware that it does occasionally have an unprecedented effect on things and that is what happened to start this ball rolling.

On a train between Glasgow and London award winning Scottish comic Janey Godley was travelling in the same carriage as the eponymous couple and for a want of something better to do to occupy her tweeted elements of the conversation she was forced to overhear and her followers obviously re-tweeted it and it spread around the world of Twitter like wildfire, I believe the term is it went viral.

Now Ms Godley is nothing if not inventive and an excellent writer and comedian, so with an obvious basis for a comedy play and the recruitment of her writer daughter Ashley Storrie into the creative team these two wrote, produced and staged the concept production in Pleasance Edinburgh as a short play.

The cast consisted of Gerry McLaughlin as Tim, Scarlett Mack as Freya, Philip Larkin as Alec, Ashley Storrie as Laura and Janey herself as Angusina , the railway ticket collector and buffet operator.

The word spread via Twitter of course and the show was a sell-out and rightly too. Although it only lasted 20 odd minutes I lost count of the laugh out loud moments they managed to get into the script and the all the cast played their roles to perfection. It was a hoot from the onset and never let go.

The play for us all I’m sure could have been twice as long, and yet maybe.  This was in essence a first airing, thankfully Janey explained there are plans afoot to develop it further, so more than the lucky few who managed to get tickets just may get a chance in the near future.

For further information follow Janey on @janeygodley and Ashley on @ashleystorrie and if I find out any news I’ll post it too.

In the meantime I feel very privileged to have been part of the select few.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Attic

20 August only

19-15 to 19-45

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