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Ben Van der Velde's Chain Letter 3 Star *** - One4Review

Ben Van der Velde’s Chain Letter 3 Star ***

| On 15, Aug 2013

Ben Van der Velde is staging his first full length Edinburgh show based on his love for hand written letters rather than the more normal habit of today by using the technology such as e-mails and social media to communicate.

Dressed as Postman Pat and with a washing line adorned with letters Van Der Velde  explains the premise of his show , a quest to  write to 4ong lost friends and hand deliver them also persuading them to write to one of their long lost friends again for him to deliver, making a human chain letter. This quest has touches of Dave Gorman about it I thought but it was still a pleasant enough hour of amusing tales as he traipsed around the UK and Europe attempting his self-set challenge.

Van der Velde comes across as a nice comedian and does have a lot going for him. His show is well prepared and has a multitude of facts to reinforce his ideas.

I look forward to seeing his progression and expect a bright future for this young comic.


Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Bristo Square

Until 26 August

16.10  to 17.10

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